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Perfect Decor for the Perfect Home

Take a tour with us at Lake Lights Candles and create your dream home.


If you watch television, you already know it's flooded with shows about home improvement, flipping houses, and fantasy lottery mansions. Most of them end with an unbelievable staging of furniture and decor leaving you wondering if you could ever make your home look like that? The answer is yes, you can. We're going to give you a behind the scenes look at the store of our partners, Lake Lights Candles, and help you with all of your home decor needs.


Leave Your Home Smelling GREAT!

Okay, with Candles in the name, of course you'll find just that in the store. But there's a few things that set them apart from your traditional candle store. For starters, all of their candles are made on location. Catch co-owner Jeff at the right time and you will see, and smell, a batch of freshly poured candles.

Their original scents are absolutely to die for, but what makes their candles even more exciting is what they're pouring them into. Yes, you'll find your traditional jarred candle. However, you'll also find candles in every day used items such as mugs, soup bowls, and the much popular "butter dish." These unique candles allow you to repurpose them when they're finished, creating perfect accent decor throughout your home.

The Finest Kitchen

We've already introduced the ever so stylish "butter dish," but there's so much for your kitchen on the shelves at Lake Lights. One of the most popular items in-store is their line of hand crafted olive wood. You'll find cheese boards, coasters, salad tossers, bowls, and more, all made out of gorgeous olive wood. You can even find many of the pieces engraved by yours truly!

In addition, there's plenty of other traditional kitchen necessities like dish towels, ceramic dish-ware and engraved glasses.


Sign, sign. Everywhere a...

Wall decor is something that can really make a house feel like a home, and there's plenty of it at Lake Lights. From heartfelt sayings, to Grain to Glory's amazing handcrafted flags, everyone can find something that fits just right in their home. You'll even find our original Lake Wallenpaupack Depth Signs and all new Memories Photo Frame.

Give Me Light

Displaying some of the coolest lighting around, Lake Lights gives you one of a kind creations by Salvage & Craft. In-store, you can find fixtures perfect for your living room, all the way to your man cave. Salvage & Craft transforms what many people consider trash into mesmerizing home decor.


But it's Lake Lights Candles...not Flowers?

That doesn't stop co-owner Michelle from putting together some of the most beautiful flower arrangements around. Flowers can liven up just about any home and that's even more true with the one of a kind bouquets and arrangements you'll only find at Lake Lights. Don't have much of a green thumb? That's okay. Michelle has breathtaking artificial flowers for you as well.


Is that everything?

No. Bottom line is, we can't fit everything into this one blog post. You'll find so much more when you visit the store. There's something for everybody. You won't be disappointed.

Check out Lake Lights Candles

Located in the Hawley Silk Mill

8 Silk Mill Drive

Hawley, PA 18428


Looking for a beautiful new home to put all this terrific home decor?


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