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It's a Dog's World

Whether you're shopping for your new puppy, or a dog loving human, we have plenty of ideas for both.

Meet Dale, our little dog nephew.


Being raised around dogs our entire lives, both Joe and I understand how much fun it can be to shop for your furry friend. We also know how excited true dog lovers get when they receive a gift related to their pup. We are taking a look back at some of the dog related products we've made and sharing our ideas to help you with your next gift.


For Owner and Best Friend

If you're a dog owner, you already know the importance of keeping your pups accessories in one easy to find spot. Have you ever said the word "walk" out loud and your dog goes absolutely crazy, but the leash is nowhere to be found? We have. That's why we created these pieces of wall decor. Perfect for hanging collar, leash, and more, without jeopardizing the style of your home. We even created one for owners to hang their keys.


It's All For Them

By them, we of course mean our dogs. Although dog tags are technically for dog and owner, it's our furry friend that wears them (it's dog jewelry in a weird way). We've made many dog tags in all different styles. Wood, stainless steel, laser engraved, and sublimation printed for example. There are so many ways to give your friend a stylish new accessory. What's even better... our custom dog tags start at the low price of just $7.99!


We Just Love Dogs

Some of us like to show off our lovable pooch, even when they aren't with us. How exactly do you do that? Ornaments, mugs, signs and even jewelry are just some of the ways we are helping you show off your canine love.

Our holiday favorite is a wood engraved ornament of your dog. They are a great gift for just about anybody and truly personalizes your holiday decor.

As far as signs go, there are just so many possibilities. But one of our most popular items is our "initial" sign with paw prints.

Don't forget to take your puppy love on the go with some of our paw print drop and stud earrings. Made from 100% genuine leather, wood or acrylic.

Have a project idea? Reach out and we'll see what we can create for you!


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